Note: all prices are listed in Canadian dollars!



    F 466


Solid brass early1900s five light flush mount bare bulb fixture     $ 495.





 F 461  


Circa 1910 brass flush mount with reverse hand-painted shades    $ 595. SOLD




         F 458


Early 1900s brass entry pendant with 8 ½” diameter Holophane style shade   $ 300.




F 459


Set of two Virden Arts & Crafts era cast iron two-bulb 10 ½” diameter flush mount fixtures   Pair $ 675.




         F 444


Early 1900s four light eight panel amber slump glass slip shade chandelier   $ 1250.  SOLD





       F 456  


Early 1900s Arts and Crafts/Mission original patina brass and slag glass entry pendant   $ 495.




  F 470 


Early 1900s brass three light pan fixture with scallop edge glass shades    $ 495.




 F 468 


Circa 1920s cast two light bare bulb entry light    $ 475. SOLD




       F 460


Circa 1920s five light brass and cast iron Arts & Crafts bare bulb pan fixture    $ 895.




  F 454


Cast iron three light 1930s art deco “pudding cup” chandelier   $ 675.




   F 455  


Brass two bulb pendant with huge (19” diameter) industrial/schoolhouse shade – milk glass shade top is transparent    $ 525.  SOLD





 F 469  


Rare semi flush mount 1920s Virden cast iron five light with two matching single light flush mounts    Set of three $ 1595.




    F 462


Set of two early 1900s original patina pressed brass flush mount ceiing fixtures    Pair $ 460.





F 433   


Restored original finish late 1920s – early 1930s semi flush mount five light chandelier with glass shades   $ 800.





      F 449


1920s cast iron and aluminum three light bare-bulb style chandelier    $ 550. SOLD




   F 451


Set of two Markel cast iron bare bulb style flush mount fixtures   Pair $ 500.




      F 436


1920s cast aluminum three light bare bulb style ceiling fixture    $ 525. SOLD





       F 416


Original finish cast iron three light bulb style chandelier    $ 550. SOLD




      F 395


1920s four light candle style chandelier with amber “teardrops”    $ 675.




               F 463   


Set of two brass pendants with 13” late 1930s-early1940s Art Deco milk glass “schoolhouse”  shades    Pair $ 750.





      F 422


Markel 1930s three light “pudding cup” style slip shade chandelier    $ 700. SOLD





                   F 467     


Set of two cast iron two “candle” Art Deco pendants     Pair $ 895.




     F 382


1920s two bulb pressed metal flush mount fixture     $ 215.





         F 381


Early 1900s  Gothic/Tudor Revival cast iron original finish five light candle style fixture    $ 1195.

(Note: We have two sets of sconces that would work very well with this fixture)




           F 441


Circa 1920 cast iron three light bare bulb style fixture with chains   $ 675. SOLD

NOTE: A good companion for the fixtures directly above





       F 457   


Early 1900s brass hall or entry pendant with milk glass bell shade   $ 350. SOLD





            F 353


Edwardian era Colonial Revival dining room fixture, solid patinated and silver plated brass     $ 700.





           F 338


Early 1900s five light candle style chandelier    $ 700.





 F 418    F 419


Hames custom solid brass semi flush mount with 13” circa 1930s “schoolhouse”shade — two available    each  $375.




        F 445


1920s Riddle cast iron and aluminum five light bare bulb chandelier  $ 650. SOLD





         F 440 


1930s Markel Art Deco five light slip shade chandelier    $ 1100.





          F 298


Double pendant brass flush mount  with pressed glass shades, circa 1910   $ 345. SOLD




     Title: Antique Lighting Vancouver Island - Description: Circa 1915 two light "shower" fixture with signed Jefferson shades F 55 Title: Antique Shops Ladysmith BC - Description: Antique light fixture from Harris House Antique Lighting, Vancouver Island British Columbia


Large pressed  two light “shower” fixture with signed Jefferson glass shades, circa 1915    $ 345.






        F 234


16” Pheonix Glass Co. Art Deco shade dated 1943, with solid brass nickel finish three chain ceiling mount     $ 250.  each

(We currently have two matching available)





               F 252


Set of two matching brass kitchen pendants with 10”  green vintage cased glass shades     Pair $ 495.     





IMG_3989 F 53


 Solid brass Mission two arm pendant, 26” drop, circa 1900    $ 345.






 F 64      


Solid brass three light “shower” fixture with scalloped white glass shades, circa 1910   $ 425.






       F 432


1930s – 1940s glass centre post two bulb ceiling fixture    $ 350.






      F 380


1930s-1940s glass centre post with dish shade single bulb    $ 295.



F 461  


Four bulb semi flush mount 1930s-1940s centre post fixture   $ 300.  SOLD

NOTE: A small nick inside of glass shows a pinprick size light when lit – see arrow above right



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Title: Vancouver Island Antique Lighting - Description: Harris House Antique Lighting Showroom near Victoria BC


Vancouver Island Showroom