Title: Antique Lighting - Description: Victorian brass two light ceiling fixture with ribbon detail and glass Sheffield shades, circa 1890s.


This Victorian beauty was originally a combination of gas and electric, and another favourite I use in advertising. We actually had two; the first went to New York and the other to Greenville, Mississippi.






Both of these decorative and colourful Art Nouveau light fixtures found homes in Nova Scotia, Canada.





Title: Antique Lighting - Description: Converted gas brass Mission light fixture by Welsbach, circa 1890s.                      Title: Mission Light Fixture - Description: Converted gas Welsbach brass light fixture with original hand crafted slag glass shades, circa 1890.


Two handsome converted gas Mission ceiling fixtures dating back to the 1890s. The one on the left now lights up a pool table near Edmonton, Alberta, as part of the transformations of a relatively new (1980s)home. The other, with original slag glass shades, illuminates a hand crafted dining room table in an  Annapolis Royal heritage home.



Title: Antique Light Fixture - Description: Two candle style ceiling light fixture, circa 1920.                       Title: Three Candle Antique Light Fixture - Description: 1920 three candle ceiling fixture, sent to Minneapolis, Minnestota.


This elegant two candle style ceiling light fixture, circa 1920, was purchased as a set with the matchingthree light on the right for a newly constructed Minneapolis, Minnesota, home.                                                      




Title: Art Deco Semi-flush mount light fixture - Description: Restored and rewired two bulb art deco ceiling fixture, cast metal,
painted, circa 1920s


The two toned custom finish shows off the intricate cast details on this two bulb, semi flush mount Art Deco ceiling light. This beauty was a birthday gift for a Nova Scotia lady’s home.