Michael Hames

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Michael Hames was born in Ontario in 1952 and raised in southern Alberta. He studied at the Alberta College of Art, and upon graduation in 1975, was awarded the  Elizabeth T. Greenshields Memorial Foundation grant. After teaching drawing at Selkirk College in the late 1970s, and supporting himself as a tower man on the fire lookouts in the mountains of southern Alberta, Michael headed to the west coast in the mid-1980s. Here, he earned an excellent reputation supplementing his income as an illustrator and began in earnest to show his artwork, the result of which led to his twice exhibiting in Canada’s National Museum.


The last decade has seen Michael’s artistic career flourish. Not content to rely on what’s become easy and known to be saleable, Michael is constantly experimenting with medium and technique and is equally competent in graphite, oil and mixed media, as well as various sculpture techniques.    


Michael moved to Nova Scotia in 2008. In November of 2009, he was honoured with a second Elizabeth Greenshields Memorial Foundation grant, and in early 2010, two of his works were accepted for purchase by the Nova Scotia Art Bank. Time spent working alongside a construction crew in India in 2012 was the inspiration for a large body of thought-provoking work. In the summer of 2013, The Museum of Modern Art  (MEAM) in Barcelona, Spain acquired one of these pieces, a monotype entitled “The Labour Market” for its permanent collection. This piece will be a part of their next catalogued exhibition.



                                    “A basis of the creative process is for me a sincerity of intent—the intention being simply to

                       adhere to the ethic of creative development. To rely on a single technical skill is to follow a recipe of

                       recognisable style and is a declaration of creative limitation or a submission to fiscal responsibilities.

                       The manipulation of unfamiliar materials introduces technical challenges in the forms of accidents,

                       Opening doors to fresh approaches to increasingly old subjects.”



Michael Hames is represented by the Secord Gallery in Halifax , Nova Scotia, and in British Columbia his work can be found at Steffich Fine Art, Salt Spring Island.




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