Title: Miller Solid Brass Lamp - Description: Unusual solid brass gooseneck lamp by Miller found its home in Norway.                           Title: Antique Boudouir Lamp - Description: Cast and original slag glass lamp found its home in Norway.


The genuine brass Miller gooseneck lamp at left and the beautiful cast and slag glass lamp were taken all the way to Norway by an adventurous pair of young women who planned their short Canadian vacation around a visit to our little out of the way shop. We will always remember you J and N!








         Title: Antique Lamp Burlington - Description: Interior shot of one of our antique Miller table lamps in its new Ontario home.         Title: Harris House Antique Lighting customer photo - Description: A picture of our stained glass, brass and copper antique Miller table lamp in its Burlington, Ontario home


A very nice Ontario couple out to Nova Scotia on a whirlwind tour after attending their son’s university graduation had us send them this gorgeous brass, copper and stained glass Miller table lamp after visiting our shop. Thank you Caroline and Ed of Burlington for sending the photos of the lamp in its new home.








Title: Adjustable Desk Lamp Antique - Description: Antique multi adjustable desk or task lamp by Miller, early 1900s from Harris House Antique Lighting near Vancouver and Halifax           


Another unusual lamp by Miller, this multi adjustable lamp found a home at a bedside right here in Nova Scotia.






Title: French Art Nouveau Lamp - Description: Intricate cast metal base with floral motif holding a screw on pink bubble glass pink mushroom shaped shade, early art nouveau lighting from France.                   Title: Paris Star Lamp - Description: Rare and exsquisite example of Art Deco Lighting. A chromed chevron detailed body with heavy frosted glass shade resmbling a 1920s lady's hat. Circa 1920s-1930s, France.


Two of our most exceptional table lamps, both from France. The Art Nouveau boudoir lamp with  screw-on  pink bubble glass shade went to an east coast collector, while the Art Deco Paris Star is now at home in New York.





Title: Art Deco Mantle Lamps - Description: Pair of heavy cast art deco mantle lamps with "Christmas tree" crackle glass shades, circa 1920s


This pair of Art Deco heavy cast mantle lamps with amber crackle glass shades went to a very nice young man, extremely fond of Art Deco from the 1920s and 1930s. As one of our very first web customers, this was the second order he had us ship to San Jose, California.





Title: Faries Desk Lamp with Vaseline Glass Shade - Description: Adjustable antique desk lampby the Faries Lamp Co., circa 1915.
This one with yellow vaseline glass shade went to New York.                   Title: Adjustable Antique Desk Lamp with elbow shade - Description: Small cast adjustable desk lamp with black elbow glass shade went to San Francisco, California.


Adjustable antique desk lamps are always in demand. The brass Faries Mfg. Co. at left was the only one we’ve come across with an original vivid yellow Vaseline glass shade, and this was taken back to New York by one of our first showroom visitors. The early 1900s  cast lamp with deep green elbow shade at right was sent to San Francisco, California.




Title: Antique Lighting Calgary - Description: Early 1900s boudoir lamp with stained glass dome shade.         Title: Stained Glass Lamp Shade Antique - Description: Close up of lit shade on antique boudoir lamp gone to Calgary, Alberta.


Occasionally we come across a genuine antique stained glass lamp, and this lovely early 1900s boudoir lamp was snapped up by a Calgary visitor before I had a chance to put it on the website.




 Title: Slag glass lamp 1900 - Description: Lovely cast lamp with six slag glass panels, circa 1900         Title: Vancouver Antique Lighting - Description: Slag glass early 1900s lamp with heavy cast base, sent to Vancouver BC


This stunning six panelled slag glass lamp with heavy cast base had to be packaged very carefully to ensure its safe arrival in Cranbrook, British Columbia.






Title: Antique Desk Lamp - Description: Large adjustable brass antique desk lamp with etched, fluted glass shade, circa 1910.                   Title: Antique Desk Lamp Adjustable - Description: Tiny adjustable antiquel desk lamp with origina metal shade, circa 1915l


Two more interesting adjustable antique desk lamps stayed closer to home. The large floral themed lamp with fluted, etched glass shade resides in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia while the tiny metal shaded lamp has gone to a good home in Halifax.





Title: Art Nouveau Lamp - Description: Chestnut leaf adorned cast base with three raisin coloured sheffield style glass shades, flame-like when lit! Early 1900s