Title: Scale Model Fishing Boat - Description: All hand made by Michael Hames, not from kit, at Annapolis Royal Art Galleries Nova Scotia       Title: Annapolis Royal Art Gallery  - Description: Entryway at Nova Scotia Art Gallery 238 St Anthony St, Annapolis Royal-Harris House Fine Art       IMG_2125



Title: Art Gallery Annapolis Royal - Description: Etchings, lithographs and woodcuts by historically significant international artists showing at Harris House Fine Art, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia



Title: Annapolis Royal Businesses - Description: Showroom picture at Harris House Fine Art and Antique Lighting, Town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia



Title: Town of Annapolis Royal Businesses-Harris House Fine Art - Description: Interior of Annapolis Royal business, Harris House Fine Art showing framed woodcuts, etchings, and serigraphs from the 1800s-mid 1900s          Title: Art Gallery Nova Scotia - Description: Interior image of Harris House Fine Art showing Leonard Baskin and Anders Zorn artworks.



Title: Annapolis Royal Gallery-Japanese woodblocks - Description: Interior image of Harris House Fine Art at Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia showing framed Japanese woodblock prints by Toyokuni, etc.



      boat3       IMG_2019       boat9     



IMG_2124         IMG_2122















Title: Annapolis Royal Heritage Home - Description: 238 St Anthony 1940 photo 

238 St. Anthony Street circa 1940 with sincere thanks to George Beeler, who grew up here.