Anthony Thieme

Dutch / American 1888-1954



Best known for his marine and landscape paintings, Anthony Thieme supported himself in early years as a stage designer, first in Europe and later in the united States where he made his home in 1917.


A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam and the Royal Academy in the Hague, Thieme was able to abandon stage work and make his living solely through the sale of his paintings by 1928. Settling in Rockport, Maine in 1929, Thieme began his own art school, teaching summer painting classes and further establishing his growing reputation as an artist. Before long his work was being exhibited in such places as New York, Paris and London.


Anthony Thieme was instrumental in making Rockport a centre for art and artists. But after his studio burned down in 1946, Thieme chose to resume his earlier travels, creating paintings and prints in Florida, Mexico, Guatemala, France, Italy and Spain.


Thieme’s work, which earned him many prestigious awards in his day, is still prized by collectors, bringing increasingly high prices. His paintings and prints are included in the permanent collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Art, the City of New Haven Collection, Montclair Art Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.